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JudicateMe is an open access, peer-reviewed journal on Law, Science and Management. It aims to seek and share comprehensive information including research projects, case analysis, blogs on various legal issues, scientific developments and management related areas.

Objective of JudicateMe is to provide a common platform for students, scholars, academicians and practitioners to share their knowledge and strengthen their subject domain by learning about latest developments happening globally in their field of interest.

JudicateMe lays special emphasis on the theoretical work and on research works across Trans-disciplinary areas with law, science and/ or management. We encourage all to publish their ideas and spread knowledge material through original piece of work like Articles, Short Notes, Book Review, Case Analysis, Essays and Latest News etc.

Our Vision is manifold. Besides serving as a cardinal academic forum for publishing research the journal is designed to be an effective tool and support for the legal, scientific and management fraternity by giving them authentic research works for referencing. We also offer Capsule courses on different aspects of law, science and management in association with external organisations and provide joint Certificate. Apart from these, our Assistance Team support new authors in their writing by providing them inputs to scaffold them to meet the standards of journal writing and communication.


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