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At JudicateMe, we understand that interns are often expected to promptly adapt skills and high paced work environment at prestigious firms, companies and other places. That’s why, we at JudicateMe want to start from scratch, especially for interns who are hardworking, diligent and motivated.

Our Internship Programme will help interns to understand the importance of Extensive Research and creation of new ideas to deal with different types of scenarios and other challenges that prowl upon students after college. This platform will help Interns to demonstrate their potential with the aim to bring out the best in them by giving them challenging tasks.


At JudicateMe, our interns learn the fine art of research which is the first step in the life of being a professional. Our internship programme is crammed with skill-building opportunities. It is designed to facilitate interns to improve their skills, knowledge and legal acumen which is necessary to learn once the student enters into the real world. The internship Programme further focuses on imbibing the interns with a code of conduct for the respective profession they will be perusing at a later stage.

We at JudicateMe have a specialized team which performs the role of mentors and role models for the interns. This also helps the team in improving their skills of guiding students and changing their methodology of training and development. By doing this we create a mentor-peer relationship for interns with such professionals.


JudicateMe offers two types of online internships, wherein the intern can opt for both the types or even one of them. These are:

  • Content Writing: The intern will be expected to write blogs, articles and posts, which when selected by the JudicateMe team, will be posted on the official website. (www.judicateme.com)
  • Social Media Influencer: The intern will be given daily or weekly tasks in which they must bring certain number of followers/likes/subscribers, etc to the JudicateMe social media platform(s). Stipend will be given to interns who perform extraordinarily.


  • Person of any age is welcome
  • Person of any educational background is welcome. (School student, College student, etc.)
  • Person of any field is welcome. (Law, Management, Science, etc.)
  • Person of any Nationality is welcome.


The intern can apply for an internship any time of the year. Internship period must last for a minimum of 15 days.


Certificate of internship will be provided to the intern, on a successful completion of the internship tenure. Along with that, if the article, blog or posts of an intern is published on the official website of JudicateMe, then Certificate of Publication will also be provided to the intern.


The application should be sent to internship.judicateme@gmail.com 

Subject: Application for Internship

The body of the mail should contain: Name, Institution, Year of Study, Tenure of Internship, starting date & month of internship along with ending date & month of internship

Mandatory Attachments: Curriculum Vitae

As a general guide, an intern at JudicateMe should have the following:

  • Right Attitude and temperament to learn
  • High in motivation and energy
  • Basic Skills
  • Should have a positive approach towards the mentors
  • Should show good initiative

The applicant will be informed via email, the decision of the team within two weeks from the date of sending the application.


There will be a mentor assigned to each intern who will guide and issue tasks to the student and the intern can clear all doubts from the concerned member. The specific perks of working with JudicateMe are:

  • Certificate of Internship
  • Flexible hours.
  • Publishing of selected written piece on JudicateMe website without any cost of publication.
  • Extraordinary work will be qualified to be given a stipend and/or an opportunity to work with the editorial board of JudicateMe. Certificate will be provided for the Editorialship.
  • Guidance to hone Research and Critical Thinking skills.