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What Services do we provide?

JudicateMe is an open access, peer-reviewed journal with an aim to provide comprehensive information on different aspects of Legal Issues, Scientific Developments and Management areas. It is a common platform for students, scholars and practitioners to seek new information, curate information and share with the larger section of people. We also provide latest updates and blogs to the readers to help them stay abreast with new information.

How can you be a part of JudicateMe?

JudicateMe invites students, academicians and practitioners to send their research material, projects, class notes or memorials which are original and unpublished to us to get included in our monthly publication. Top 10 Authors get consolation prizes and Top 2 Authors get an opportunity to be a part of Editorial Board of JudicateMe through the process of Interview. Also, JudicateMe provides Internship opportunities for students to polish their research skills. A stipend is given to students who can add value to the organisation with their remarkable communication and research skills.

What makes JudicateMe stand apart from others?

JudicateMe is a diversified platform where professionals and students from different professions can contribute their extraordinary work and learn new information at the same time without any presence of a third party. The website provides free access to all journals, Blogs, Latest News, Case Laws from around the world for readers to remain updated.

Who is the target audience/reader of JudicateMe?

JudicateMe is open to all students, scholars, academicians and practitioners from various fields to get their papers published and get an opportunity to read various papers, blogs, news, case studies for their references. It is an open platform for learners to expand their knowledge.