Digital Evidence

This Blog is written by Rujuta Sunil Jog & Soham Sanjay Athavale. Edited by Uroosa Naireen | Runners-up of 1st Online National Blog Writing Competition |
One of the most significant and influential inventions of the 20th century is the Computer. More and more information is being stored, transmitted, or processed in digital form in enforcement agencies including the Income Tax department. The law of the country has also taken cognizance of this reality.

Migrant Labour Crisis In India During COVID-19 Pandemic

This Blog is written by Sahina Mallick. Edited by Uroosa Naireen. | Winner of 1st Online National Blog Writing Competition |
Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Governments across the world have accepted ‘Lockdown’ measures to curtail the spread of this deadly virus. After various deliberations, meetings, and guidelines rooted by W.H.O., the Governments have voted for breaking the chain of the deadly virus by accepting the procedure of lockdown for different durations respectively.